We are available by phone or email Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. You can reach us by email at freshperspectives5@gmail.com or by calling us at 803-439-6318. You may reach your housekeepers by leaving notes at the time of cleaning if you would like to leave reminders for the girls.

We supply all our cleaning products and equipment each service. Fresh Perspectives really takes the client’s needs into consideration. Our employees will use any cleaning product that you prefer in your home. We offer a wide range of cleaning products. We ask that our clients inform us of what cleaning products they prefer prior to your appointment to ensure that the girls are prepared upon arrival.

Fresh Perspectives loves pets! We leave it up to our clients to choose whether to have their pets out or put up. Please understand that due to health risks our employees will not clean litter boxes or pick up urine or feces from your pet.

Fresh Perspectives does not accept credit cards. Payment options available to be discussed during estimates. You may make checks payable to Fresh Perspectives Cleaning.

Fresh Perspectives understands that things happen, and flexibility is important. We ask our clients that the earlier you let us know, the better we can accommodate your needs. We do our best to reschedule your appointment to best fit your time; however, appointments fill up fast and we may not always be able to reschedule your appointment in the same week.

If there are rooms in your home that you do not want cleaned, please close the door to that room and the girls will know to not enter that room.

Fresh Perspectives is flexible in scheduling. We are here to meet your needs and try our very best to keep you on a schedule once you are on the books. Once we schedule a client on our calendar, our hope is to keep you in that slot, on that same day going forward. We understand that situations arise, and we will work to accommodate your needs.

It is one of our top priorities to have the same team clean each visit; however, situations may come up that we need to schedule another employee to come to your home. Fresh Perspectives understands that building a relationship with your housekeeper is important and we do not want to jeopardize that relationship by having a different housekeeper each visit. Once you are on the books, you will be scheduled with a set team. If a situation arises that another team may need to come to your appointment, (illnesses, vacations, promotions, etc.) Fresh Perspectives will notify you prior to coming.